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Bendigo Precast Concrete


Bendigo Precast Concrete . . .

Concrete Slabs/Pavers & Stepping Stones.

220mmx220mmx50mm       600mmx400mmx50mm
300mmx250mmx50mm       600mmx600mmx50mm (Hot Water Slab)
300mmx300mmx50mm       900mmx400mmx50mm (Air-Con Slab)
450mmx450mmx50mm      1000mmx600mmx65mm (Pool Slab)
450mmx450mmx75mm      1200mmx600mmx65mm (Pool Slab)
Round Stepping Stone:  400mmx50mm


Concrete slabs are ideal for all sorts of things such as a base for
Air-Conditioning, Gas Hot Water & Pool Slabs.  Gardens and Plaques.

Both products can look fantastic in the Garden or as a path !

  Slabs & Stones

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