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Bendigo Precast Concrete


Bendigo Precast Concrete . . .

Sleepers & Plinths.


We have been manufacturing Concrete Sleepers in Bendigo for over 10 years on site in a proper industrial shed. We use Boral Cement and source our sand and rock from the local area.
Sleepers come in the natural concrete colour or dye can be added in
your choice of colour e.g. sandstone, grey, earth, camel etc.

Sleeper Sizes are :

1810mm x 210mm x 75mm =  $27.50 each incl G.S.T
1810mm x 210mm x 75mm - Colour = $33.00 each incl G.S.T
1810mm x 210mm x 110mm = $49.25 each incl G.S.T
2400mm x 210mm x 75mm = $36.30 each incl G.S.T
 2400mm x 210mm x 75mm - Colour = $42.90 incl G.S.T

Plinths are designed to fit under colour bond fences and come in the one size of 2360mm x 215mm x 65mm = $41.14 each incl G.S.T


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